Umbai Ikan Bakar, Melaka
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Kampung Umbai, Melaka. Malaysia.

Halal Sea Foods.


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Kampung Umbai  is a village located near the coastal area of the Straits of Malacca. Distance of the village from Malacca Town is 14 km while
that from Merlimau is 10 km. It is located in Serkam, which also has several other villages such as Kampung Pulai and Kampung Serkam. The
village is near to Telok Mas, which is a focus point of local residents.

Kampung Umbai accommodates about 3000 villagers. The majority population is Melayu and some are Chinese. Some of the villagers work in
Malacca or Merlimau town. Beside that, there are some residents who work as fishermen as Kampung Umbai is located near the beach.

Kampung Umbai is well-known with "ikan bakar". The delicious grilled fish attracts local tourists as well as foreigners. If you would like to
explore Pulau Besar, you can go there by boat from jetty Umbai / Pernu. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes.

If you would like to have a wonderful vacation, Kampung Umbai should be a choice that you never ever miss! Do come to Kampung Umbai to
feel the fresh sea breeze, has a glimpse of beautiful sunset over the horizon, enjoy the authentic Malaysia style grilled fish and have a good
time with your friends or family!
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