Frequently asked questions for new advertisers

1. Why do hotels & resorts advertise on
We provide hotels & resorts and agents with a means to increase their holiday rental income through effective online advertising at a very reasonable price.
Most of the advertisers on our site are private owners who let out their property for either some or all of the year. They receive booking enquiries from our site
either directly to themselves or to their representative or agent who is managing their property. There are no commissions to worry about, just the small annual
advertising fee starting at RM 2,500 a year.

2. What service do you provide to advertisers?
Each advertiser gets a full colour page advertisement for their property, together with room for up to 8 colour photos and a contact form so that booking
enquiries can be forwarded to them directly by email. Advertisers can also display other contact information such as telephone, mobile or fax.

3. How do I add my property details online?
It's easy, just click here to register and follow the instructions.

4. How do I add a property with more than one rental unit?
Most properties consist of one single unit for rental on one site. Our advert is designed for this sort of holiday rental property and covers one listing in the index
pages and search results. If you have more than one rental unit on the same site you can create separate listings. The first unit is charged at our standard or
premium rate while each additional unit gets a 20% reduction on the standard or premium rate.
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