Frequently asked questions for new advertisers

5. How can I add photographs to my advertisement?
Can I send the photo prints by post?
You can always send good quality original photographic prints or a cdrom with your digital photos on it. Please also enclose a note with your name, address
and your hotels or resorts.

Can I send my photos by email?
Yes, we receive the majority of photos by email. The photos should be at least 600 pixels width. Ideally set your digital camera to maximum resolution and
best quality. Wherever possible, please send high resolution, unaltered photos that have been outputted direct from your digital camera. We can also accept
your photos in a jpg/jpeg electronic format by post on a floppy disk or cdrom.

What is the email address for sending photos?
The email address for photos is Please put your name and hotels & resorts in the subject line.

Can I send photos from brochures?
We are able to scan pictures from a well printed brochure, and good quality prints of floor-plans, maps, line drawings and logos, as well as transparencies.
However, the best results are always achieved from the original photographs, conventional or digital.

Can I send photos from other internet sites?
If you have good quality photographs on your own internet site, we can copy them with your permission. However, we will not copy photos from other sites
without the express permission of the webmaster of that site.
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